Portfolio Management

Our Expertise,Your Investment

JNC FinTech is one of the fastest-growing Portfolio Management firms in India.

Our firm philosophy of ‘Ideas creates, values protect’ is into an approach led by entrepreneurship, research, and creativity, protected by intellectual rigor and analysis.

We serve an array of – New Age Entrepreneurs, Business Owners/ Promoters, Family Offices, CXOs, and Corporate Treasuries.

We focus on delivering exceptional value by identifying, and capitalizing on market opportunities instantly and maximizing growth tactics, whether it’s for long-term growth, wealth preservation, or providing a consistent income stream to fulfill your lifestyle goals.

JNC FinTech has an expertise and knowledge pool derived from operating across diverse market cycles, conditions, and asset classes. We provide research, investment ideas, themes, and actionable strategies and opportunities to our customers.

We are into the market with our in-house transparent digital finance system. We don’t just manage your wealth; we do it with the latest technologies and a workable medium. Our Portfolio managers take care of all the segments you need management for, from stock investment to regular income, and all the sources are well-managed for well-planned growth.

Our Portfolio Management Strategies

First, we assess the objectives of investment, analyze the risk appetite, financial background, ability to invest, and the opportunities one has. After examining everything, our portfolio managers help in identifying the classes of assets to invest in according to the analysis of the customer. We majorly focus on selecting the right stocks for maximum returns on the investment.

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We despise seeing you in confusion. That’s why we ensure quick response customer support so that you are never in trouble.

    Features of Our Portfolio Management


    We guide our client through a structured approach to help him define his priorities and establish a distinctive "Investment Policy Statement." It guides us to develop customized solutions which when paired with our product platforms enable them by gaining access to in-house and third-party solutions. We get inspired from our guiding principle, “We will operate as a Partnership” to put into practice the ‘What is right for the client is what is right for us’ approach. It means we recommend solutions that are best for the client, not the ones that are convenient.


    JNC FinTech is a large, and diverse business house with a structured, transparent, and proven expertise in the business. Our Investment Committee is an example of a unique platform that has grown out of its profession and is valued by thousands of clients. The committee of JNC FinTech Experts from the linked industries deliberate and debate to provide valuable advice to the customer. The Financial Advisor is thus empowered to advise the client through a comprehensive investment advisory process.


    Bold, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking has contributed majorly to our growth. We share this quality at work and put it to practice. The dedication to understanding the client's needs and structuring a unique solution that works is put to test every day at work here.


    Our risk management approach appeals to businesses that want to capitalize on opportunities while also being cognizant of the need to regulate the environment. We at JNC FinTech are guided by the idea of "We shall respect risk," but not at the expense of growth. As a result, risk management is critical. We have a track record of assisting customers with risk assessments of their family and enterprise activities and presenting practical solutions.


    JNC FinTech is popular with the new age entrepreneur as they find value in our ability to address both sides of their balance sheet. Be it for their personal or enterprise wealth. Our in-depth knowledge and research of capital markets meet the client's investment goals, while our expertise in risk and credit management meets their financing and debt structuring requirements.


    We look at our clients as a partnership. Clarity of thought and action is the key to our practice. Our clients are sensible to their investments, disclosures like risk factors, suitability besides applicable fees. We believe that our clients are high achievers and specialists in their fields and that they must grasp the investment strategy we have proposed.