Personal Finance Awareness

JNC FinTech is a well-renowned personal finance advisor across the country. The services our experts provide are cash flow analysis, goal-based investment plans, asset allocation, tax planning, insurance planning & debt recovery strategies. We are helping both young and established families grow their wealth by executing the basics right. Our experts also ensure that you and your family are safe and secure in the hour of need while schooling you to make informed decisions about how to achieve financial freedom.

Personal finance First Class

JNC FinTech’s automated financial tools and the team of experts cut through the clutter to offer financial advice that’s relevant to you. We are in the market with our in-house team to provide an effective financial freedom plan. We don’t imply unnecessary products or promotions to our customers and always believe in keeping things simple.

Our experts ensure that you’re on track to achieving your goals through timely reminders and notifications. Our hi-tech investment tools monitor your growth, thereby setting you up for success! Our top-notch and highly profitable services make us one of the leading Personal Finance Awareness Service providers in India.

We have years of experience in helping people create wealth. Thousands of customers have benefited from our robust, technologically-driven approach. Our experts create your financial health report and show you the big picture. We help you in getting a deeper understanding of how your money is performing and create a roadmap to realize your dreams. 

Why JNC FinTech for Personal Finance Services?

Our team believes that a strong foundation built on detailed guidance can help you in achieving your financial objectives. We understand the importance of financial stability and can assist you in achieving it through sound investing decisions. Our main goal is to assist each individual in making the most of their money.

JNC FinTech is one of India’s best platforms dedicated to helping you make sound financial decisions. We want to transform the financial industry by integrating cutting-edge technology like on-the-go counseling and connecting customers with competent Financial and Taxation Advisors.

With a perfect blend of modern technology and traditional wisdom, JNC FinTech helps you achieve your personal financial goals with just a snap of your fingers. It is the single point destination for your financial queries and our experts are always available, wherever you are.

What makes us a unique Personal Financial Advisor?

We’ve spent the last few years devising cutting-edge advisory that can provide accurate financial advice and help you get back on track with your finances. Our highly qualified experts carry out a thorough analysis of the investments you need to make to achieve your financial goals. Accordingly, we advise you on what steps to take, how much tax you will owe, and so on.

As a result, JNC FinTech has earned a reputation as a true financial counselor that prioritizes your well-being above all else. We’ve steered hundreds of clients on the correct path, but our journey has just started and we have numerous milestones to achieve.

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    Our Core Values

    Personal Finance Centre

    Customer Centricity

    Our experts can answer any queries you may have. Our focus is on our customers' demands, and we take pride in coming up with innovative solutions to complicated financial problems.

    Personal Finance Determination

    Honest Determination

    JNC FinTech is duty bound to assist you in getting the most out of your assets. Your financial objectives are extremely important to us, and we pledge to provide tailored advice using the power of our intelligent systems.


    Responsibility for your Wealth

    Our experts can assist you in growing your money by providing you with the proper recommendations. We take full responsibility for the trust you invest in JNC FinTech and work hard to ensure that your objectives are met.