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3 easy ways for girls to generate additional income

How to invest money and get rich

I was never wildly fascinated by materialistic items, but gifting a beautiful house to my father was my dream ever since I was a teen. Dissatisfaction was all around when I was not living up to my desires with my regular job. It consumed all my energy and time. But plentiful earnings and huge savings nowhere seemed possible.

Giving up on my dream was never the option I wanted to choose. I started looking for side- hustles to generate extra income, and last month, I gifted my father a river-facing penthouse. I am sharing my experience to help you have realistic lavish earnings.

Here I list three tricks that yielded me the maximum bucks.


I invested in the Blue-chip companies. Blue-chip companies are highly reputed and recognized companies that offer a dividend to their investors. As in the lockdown, the stocks of these companies dipped majorly. The shares were available in hundred thousand, and it was all I capably saved out of my salary. A year later, those stocks yielded almost double-triple of my invested amount.


The stock market was volatile in the COVID-19 pandemic. I made my bet on some stocks that worked well in my favor. It returned me good fortune in this short period.

Handicraft’s business

I was good at calligraphy and doodle art. Hence, I thought to generate income out of my interest and skills. I handcrafted wallpapers and sold them on the websites that offer end-to- end trade between buyers and sellers. This method also generated leads who demanded personalized products.  You may have other skills, recognize and monetize them.
There are many ways that you can use to generate income online. Before getting fascinated with any high-end promises, read and understand the clauses.